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Four topics dominating the agenda at MRO Asia-Pacific

Excitement amounting ahead of key aviation supply chain industry event.

Packing the energy of a Departure Hall on the eve of Thanksgiving, another edition of MRO Asia-Pacific is hitting the continent in late September – this time the location is Singapore. 

'SingEx' from September 26-28 will draw supply chain industry delegates from all over the world, as thousands gather for what promises to be the continent’s most significant MRO conference of the year.

It’s not too late to register to attend the event at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, so what are you waiting for? 

Consider this your Final Call!

Networking in the heart of Southeast Asia 

Mingling with representatives from over 30 aviation sectors, not only will your attendance expand your contact book, but the very horizon of your business outlook.


From major airlines and equipment manufacturers to Used Serviceable Material (USM) suppliers and MRO operators, every conceivable facet of the aviation supply chain industry will be represented.

It will also be a hotbed of discussion and learning – an inspirational speech or panel discussion could fast-track your operations into the stratosphere thanks to the input and insights of the gathered industry experts.

Four trending topics heading into the conference

Among the trending topics expected to dominate this year’s conference are: Sustainability & Climate, Innovation, Supply Chain Development and Labour Concerns. 

All four are pressing issues that will resonate with delegates representing every level of the aviation supply chain.

Detailed here is a selection of the keynote lectures and panels likely to generate some lively discussion over the three days of the conference (CF) and GoLive! Teater (GLT) stages.

Sustainability & Climate: Untold opportunities

Sustainability and climate change concerns will be at the forefront of many of the discussions at MRO Asia-Pacific – and future editions for decades to come.

And with them come untold opportunities, as long as MROs expand at a sustainable pace (CF; Sep 26, 12:30).

Sustainable fuels (Sep 27, 10:00) and electric planes (GLT, Sep 27, 11:15) will play a large role in the future of aviation, but there will be many challenges along the way (GLT, Sep 27, 12:30) – not least with takeoff performance (GLT, Sep 27, 11:00).

We also have a case study from HAECO (CF; Sep 27, 09:40) to consider, which reveals how the aerospace company is navigating change and embracing sustainability. 

Innovation: Time to get digitally ready

MRO companies know they must replace expensive outdated systems with new technologies (GLT; Sep 28, 12:30), but often struggle to decide which ones are the best investment (GLT; Sep 28, 10:30).

Certainly, digital solutions to track, measure and control their physical processes is a good start, as they will quickly cut costs and recoup their investment (GLT; Sep 28, 11:00). 

Data and analysis tools (GLT; Sep 27, 13:30) are a good start – and maybe the time is right to consider AI (GLT; Sep 28, 12:00) as well.

Specific consideration is given to the Independent Data Consortium for Aviation’s entry into the Asia Pacific region (GLT; Sep 27, 15:15).

Supply Chain Development: The mega market effect

Certainly, the re-opening of China (conference; Sep 26, 10:30) and huge growth in India (CF; Sep 26, 14:15) are hugely significant for the Asian aviation supply chain industry.


But despite the anticipated growth, there remain many serious challenges, so resilience is more important than ever (CF; Sep 26, 14:30).

Managing high pricing and costs (conference; Sep 27, 10:40) will be crucial to staying afloat in a turbulent USM market ((CF; Sep 27, 12:00).

Particular attention is paid at GLT to the recent Latin American expansion in the Asian market (Sep 28; 11:45).

Excitement amounting ahead of key aviation supply chain industry event

Both retaining labour and ensuring its diversity are important issues heading towards 2024.

Developing local talent and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce (CF; Sep 26, 16:00) is a huge priority within the MRO industry.

Certainly, it has become more diverse, but operators must strive to guarantee that lesser-represented communities have equal opportunities (GLT; Sep 27, 15:30).

A stellar line-up of speakers

Among the keynote speakers at MRO Asia-Pacific are C-level executives from leading Asian aviation companies, including Sisira Dash (CTO, Air India), Michael Hickey (Group COO, Vietjet Air), Tommy Hughes (CEO, VAS Aero Services), Mahesh Kumar (CEO, Asia Digital Engineering), Anand Bhaskar (MD & CEO, Air Works), Gerald Steinhoff (Chief Commercial Officer, HAECO) and James Bennett (Chief Commercial Officer, AerFin).

Also among the speakers are Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen (Group Director of Components and Engine Services, HAECO Group), Daniela Serafini (VP of Customer Services and Ho FHS, Airbus), Marco Isaak (Group Chairman, Asia Cargo Network), Ken Herbert (MD, RBC Capital Markets), Jefferson Ding (Founder and MD, Dragon Aviation Capital) and Richard Brown (MD, NAVEO Consultancy).

No date has yet been confirmed for MRO Asia-Pacific next year, although it will return to Singapore, but the region has MRO South Asia to look forward to from 28-29 February 2024 in New Delhi. 

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