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Laser attacks are the most dangerous during critical phases of flight

Pilot Simon Mikkelsen highlights how, during take-offs, approach and landings, pilots are at their most vulnerable to potential laser attacks.



During these critical phases, pilots are responsible for juggling a lot of tactical information and operational tasks. They are working within very narrow windows of time, where a potential laser attack can threaten the safety and efficiency of the flight.  

Following our research into laser protection, we also spoke with prominent laser safety expert Patrick Murphy regarding why pilots should have laser eye protection readily at hand during flights–and why not all laser eye protection should be measured the same.

More than just a safety issue

While the concern of pilot and flight safety should be the leading factor in utilising laser protection equipment, there is also the underlying cost factor that laser attacks can have on overall flight operations. 

In an article released earlier this year, Revenue disappearing in a flash: The flight costs of laser attacks, we take a deep dive into the various instances where a laser attack could potentially lead to thousands in lost revenue.

How can you better protect your pilots from laser attacks? Contact us to find out!

As handheld lasers become increasingly more powerful and accessible, pilots need state-of-the-art laser protection equipment. Fill in your information below and a Satair expert will contact you to discuss your requirements and laser protection options.

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