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A paperless supply chain might sound like a pipe dream when you think about the sheer volume of aircraft parts circulating between OEMs, suppliers, airlines, and operators. But a few outliers and innovators are looking to shake things up and inject some digital methods into the supply chain madness.
Data Analytics is the new frontier for aviation, and the competition is getting hot in the race to lead the industry. Some have set their sights on industry-wide domination, while others are more focused on niche areas of the industry. So who are the leasing aviation data platforms and who are the up-and-comers?
Big Data is one of the big buzzwords in the aviation aftermarket. Spend five minutes in a conference like MRO Europe, and you can see that it's on everyone's minds.
Manual data collection, handwritten logs, and uncertainty about maintenance history are costing aerospace companies a lot of money. As a result, the industry is continuously looking to improve the flow of information across complex supply chains with the help of new technology. One kind of technology in particular is gaining a lot of traction: Blockchain-powered smart contracts.
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There is no doubt that both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have managed to capture the imagination of both businesses and consumers for decades —the aviation industry included. But what exactly are the use cases for virtual reality and augmented reality in aviation? And how does the future look?
Across all industries, the topic of data handling has never been as prevalent as it has been in recent years. The aviation industry, and the attached aviation aftermarket, is no exception to this.

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