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As floor panels are a component of an aircraft’s primary structure, they have more of a role than simply providing a flat surface to walk on. They are important for the overall safety of an aircraft during its normal operations, bearing high loads and resisting impact.
As important components of an aircraft’s primary structure, it’s essential to know about the lifespan of floor panels and their cost-effectiveness. A longer lifespan facilitates the aircraft operators to use the structure over a longer period which reduces the total cost of ownership. How long should floor panels last and what impacts their longevity?
An airline has an aircraft coming in for a heavy maintenance ‘D’ check, and in accordance with its maintenance schedule, it has reserved hangar space and lined up its maintenance staff. But during the check, the airline discovers that one of the floor panels needs to be replaced. And its MRO service provider informs it that it will take at least 3 months to procure that specific panel.
Aircraft operators receive service bulletins when a product improvement becomes available. These SBs are often best handled with modification kits. But how does this work in practice and is there a better way to go about it? Two of our experts break it down.
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To keep aircraft ready to fly, you need quick and easy access to spare parts. But with so many different ways to approach spares access, how do you decide which solution is best?
Delivering a spare part from supplier to buyer involves many different steps executed by many different parties. Satair’s Julia Kerres walks us through the process. 

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