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Although there is a general sense of optimism about 2023, many in aviation can’t shake the feeling that the industry is still dancing on a knife’s edge.
One of the biggest surprises during the aviation industry’s quicker-than-expected recovery from the coronavirus pandemic was something that didn’t happen.
After two-plus years of historically rough headwinds, the aviation industry is recovering much faster than expected.
The global supply chain crisis and aviation’s long-running labour shortage have put immense pressure on the aftermarket. Will planned production increases from Airbus and Boeing make it even worse?
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A global market survey conducted by Satair found that even though the majority of aircraft part buyers use digital marketplace solutions, many find them unreliable and difficult to navigate.
In a global market survey carried out by Satair, roughly one in five sellers of aircraft parts indicated that a lack of resources is keeping them from taking advantage of digital marketplace solutions.
To keep aircraft ready to fly, you need quick and easy access to spare parts. But with so many different ways to approach spares access, how do you decide which solution is best?

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