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At a warehouse in Japan, they've cut the number of human workers by 90 percent, but does this mean robots will take over at every warehouse in the future? Join us for a tour inside the warehouse of tomorrow right here.
Airbus and Boeing recently released their global commercial market forecasts that shine a light on the tremendous industry growth expected over the next two decades. In this article, we bring you the key figures you need to know to prepare your operations for tomorrow.
Deloitte and Parts Pedigree, a newly formed startup of aerospace and technology experts, is taking blockchain technology from its proof-of-concept stage to the operations floor. We had a talk with Parts Pedigree’s CEO about their pilot project that could accelerate blockchain adoption in the supply chain.
As the MRO and aviation industry, in general, become increasingly digitised and connected, the risk of potentially devastating cyber attacks increase. What are the implications? How is the industry currently protecting itself? How can we take steps toward better protection against cyber attacks? We’ll take an in-depth look.
By handing over the full responsibility of inventory management to a distributor or supplier, vendor managed inventory allows airlines and MROs to increase margins by cutting overall costs. But how do you make the most of VMI and what are the advantages of disadvantages of vendor managed inventory?
Successful implementation of new technologies starts with an executive decision, but it shouldn’t end there. People perform best when driven by inspiration and it’s the management's responsibility to generate organisational buy-in for new ideas. But how do you foster this environment? Listen in, as top aviation executives share their experience. 

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