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Whether you’re an airline executive, an operator, or ground crew, a potable water management system offers many advantages. International Water-Guard’s Pre-Select system provides substantial fuel savings as a result of reduced water weight.
Proper management of potable water on an aircraft can provide substantial ROI in the form of fuel burn savings and carbon emission reductions. But how easy is a water management system to set up and use?
Sustainability is a topic that is grabbing more attention than ever amongst top level aviation executives. And while CO2 reduction has earned top billing on that sustainability stage, airlines could also gain tremendously by looking at their water weight management.
The topic of carbon offsetting flights has seen tremendous growth in recent years, spawning an entire side industry of consumer carbon-calculators and a wealth of both praise and critique.
Over the last decade, the word “sustainable” has largely been associated with brands and individuals who practise some sense of social consciousness and responsibility.

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