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Why not all laser eye protection is suitable for the aviation industry

Prominent laser safety expert Patrick Murphy explains why it is so important pilots should have the right kind of laser eye protection readily at hand during flights.


Along with proper pilot training on how to quickly react to laser attacks, it is also essential that pilots are equipped with laser eye protection that can effectively guard them against the effects of laser light. 

Temporary distraction or flash blindness not only poses a significant safety issue during flights, but can also lead to unforeseen operational costs. Therefore, it should be top of mind for any airline to know about the science and the tech behind laser eye protection.

We recently spoke with Dr Themos Kallos, Chief Science Officer at MTI, where he explains how he has been a part of developing a new class of proprietary laser eye protection glasses–designed specifically to combat aviation laser attacks.

How can you better protect your pilots from laser attacks? Contact us to find out!

As handheld lasers become increasingly more powerful and accessible, pilots need state-of-the-art laser protection equipment. Fill in your information below and a Satair expert will contact you to discuss your requirements and laser protection options.

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