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Temporary passenger to cargo aircraft conversion: Here is what you'll need.

You may be in the process of researching, or already operating some passenger aircraft to move cargo. As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive parts kit that will allow you to convert your passenger aircraft to cargo jets.

Regardless if you are only interested in a mild conversion to haul cargo that can fit in passenger seats or a more extensive passenger to cargo conversion that involves removing the seats, you need to have the right parts to ensure proper safety—and to mitigate the wear and tear on your aircraft.

Our parts kit includes everything that you will need for passenger to cargo aircraft conversions. However you can find specific part numbers here:

Passenger to Cargo Conversion Parts without Seat Removal

Part # Description
JCA252JCAER01408-101 Seatbag Cargo
10073073 Package STC


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Passenger to Cargo Conversion Parts with Seat Removal

Part # Description
AC10-02117Z1 Net
AC10-02117Z2 Net
AC10-02117Z3 Net
AC10-01171Z1 Net
AC10-01171Z2 Net
AC10-01171Z3 Net
AC10-02163Z1 Net
AC10-02163Z2 Net
AC10-02163Z3 Net
AC10-01530Z1 Net
AC10-01530Z2 Net
AC10-01530Z3 Net
AC10-01530Z4 Net
TS40-0299600 Net
TS20-0444300 Net
AC10-01530Z1110601-10 Filling Stud
110602-10 Filling Stud
123410 Pallet


IF you have more specific questions regarding your setup and would like our expertise and know-how, you can follow this link to fill in your contact details, and one of our dedicated representatives will contact you directly.

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