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Designing laser protection that doesn’t compromise on what pilots need

The Chief Science Officer of MTI, Dr Themos Kallos, talks about developing laser protection eyewear that doesn’t interfere with a pilots ability to read aircraft instrument lights.


A pilot not being able to distinguish the colours of the various instrument or airport lights is an obvious hazard when you think about, but this is precisely what would happen if a pilot were to wear the wrong kind of laser eye protection.

If laser protection eyewear is not designed to block only specific colour wavelengths, then it can render some colours indistiguishable.

The science behind this technology is profound and far more technical than one might first believe, and we break it down so you can better understand in our article Laser protection for pilots — the science, the tech, and what is right for you.

How can you better protect your pilots from laser attacks? Contact us to find out!

As handheld lasers become increasingly more powerful and accessible, pilots need state-of-the-art laser protection equipment. Fill in your information below and a Satair expert will contact you to discuss your requirements and laser protection options.

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